Most of us were introduced to the importance of family early on. After all, they are the people we spend most of our time with and share our experiences with. Thus, there is no wonder why we hold our families closest to our hearts. As we create memories with our loved ones, don’t you think immortalising and preserving our moments with them by having a complete family portrait is a good idea?

These days, having a family photoshoot may sound like a chore. Why bother when you can easily take a snap using your phone anyway, and getting everyone in one place can be a challenge, right? However, think about it! Will everyone fit in the frames of your family photo if you take it yourself? Will it be of good quality when you print it out?

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we believe your family deserves to be celebrated. For us, there is no better way to do that than with a family photoshoot and taking the time to capture your togetherness is a sweet way of showing how much you mean to each other! Hence, let us walk you through the reasons why you should opt for a session to get your family pictures taken!

  • Family Photoshoots Bring the Family Together

Having your family portraits taken is a good excuse for a gather-together, especially if you see each other only once in a while. The shoot can turn into a bonding time filled with lots of fun! With everyone having their favourite family moment, you can tell each other which one is yours! This can bring smiles to everyone’s faces, which may help the photographer catch genuine happiness. After the session, you can plan to hang out together afterwards!

  • The Whole Family is Included in the Picture

When taking family pictures, most of the time, parents are stuck behind the camera, which means they miss out on being in the photographs. But as everyone has a crucial role at home, they should also take space in the frames. Fortunately, with a professional photographer behind the lens, no one gets left behind!

  • Family Portraits Allow You To Relive Memories

Families are constantly growing and changing, and life seems to slip in a blink of an eye. Children are born, grow up, move away, get married, and start their own families. Such fast changes may urge you to go back to a particular time and make you wish for something to remind you of it.

The good news is that family pictures are time capsules in their way. These images hold high-quality reminders of the past, and once you take a look at them, it is as if you are transported back to that specific moment and get reminded of how beautiful life was during that particular moment!

Furthermore, you can make family photoshoots a tradition, especially during special occasions or milestones such as Christmases, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. This way, not only do you get to commemorate every precious point shared by your brood, but you also get to have a perfect timeline of all the significant events your family has gone through and celebrated!

  • You Do Not Have to Settle With a Departed One’s Old Photograph

As mentioned, families are continually changing, and life is short and sometimes happens without warning. The sad news is that our loved ones may depart this world unexpectedly. 

As professional photographers, we are often asked to print up a special photograph of someone who has died for the family to show at the funeral service. You would be shocked at how many people do not have a decent photo of their beloved family member to display on such a crucial occasion. In most cases, not only are options old and do not resemble the person anymore, but these also usually come in poor quality that would look great only if printed as small as a postage stamp.

Indeed, having updated family photographs can ease the burden of mourning families for when the time comes.

  • Family Portraits Can Boost Children’s Self-Esteem

If you have children of your own, you might know that it is crucial for them to feel like they belong. When kids see themselves in a family portrait, it may help them realise who they are and their place in the family. Looking at family photos may also spark an interest in your family’s history, which can help them know where they came from. Yes, these can give their sense of belongingness a boost! 

  • Family Picture Make Attractive Decor Pieces

If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing decorations for your living room or office, you can’t go wrong with family pictures. Make your spaces more homely by adding framed, impeccably shot family portraits on your walls. But, don’t be surprised if your impressed friends, workmates, or clients know you have a happy home without you even telling them!

In connection to the previous point, studies prove that displaying family pictures at home improves children’s self-esteem. This is because such images may encourage them to think that they will always have a home and that the people in it will support them through everything no matter what happens.

  • Family Photographs Make Unique Gifts

If you are looking for a lovely present your grandparents cannot just buy anywhere, gifting them family pictures will do the trick! And since photographs last a lifetime, gran and gramps can even pass these down to future generations! You can also share such images with extended families you do not see very often. 

While the magic comes from the feelings of connectedness family photographs grant us, going out of your way to get the perfect picture frame or photo album to put printed shots in won’t hurt!

As you have read, family portraits are investments in more ways than one. And if you are looking for a team of professional family photographers, trust A Woman’s Touch Photography to bring you high-quality photographs that tell a story. With decades of experience, we can do your family’s love justice! 

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