Now that your wedding day is coming, it’s time for you to prepare for your upcoming wedding photoshoot. But aside from planning your wedding cake, wedding flowers, wedding venue and your wedding planner let us first take you to the minds of every wedding photographer. Knowing what your photographer is thinking is important because it helps a lot in making your wedding photoshoot a success.

Here are some things every wedding photographer wished you knew.

Hire A Photographer With The Style You Want

Wedding photographers have their styles of photography. And you need to choose a photographer with a style that you like. Some clients hire a photographer without looking at their portfolios and complain once the pictures are delivered to them because they don’t like the style of the photos.

To avoid situations like this, always check the photography style of a photographer first. You can check it on their website or their Instagram account. Or you can reach out to them and ask them for their portfolios.

Get To Know Your Photographer

It’s very important to establish a relationship with your wedding photographer. Why? Because they will be working with you for hours, most of the time the whole day. Your photographer wants to know you both as a couple, like how you interact with each other, how you treat one another, and just basically the bond between you and your spouse. Your photographer will use this knowledge so he or she can give you the best wedding shots that will show off your intimate bond as a couple. And as a bonus, your photographer will also be able to predict your movements so they can capture little moments of you and your spouse — which makes up for the best photos of your big day.

They Don’t Need A Shot List

Your photographer deeply understands that you want certain moments during your wedding to be captured — so you end up giving them a shot list. Shot lists are great but sometimes it ends up messing with your photographer’s creativity which will then make them hold back with their style and shots.

It’s important to know that a professional photographer knows when and where he or she should be. They know which moment to capture and what situation makes up for the best shot. So, don’t worry about a shot list because an experienced and skilled photographer knows when to be at the right time and the right place.

Tell Them About Your Wedding Day Timeline

Your photographer will be with you the whole day. So, if you want them to create the most beautiful wedding photos for you, it’s best to have a chat with them and tell them about your wedding day timeline. This can help them know what time they should be at a certain moment so they can capture the best shots. Aside from that, most wedding photographers are great wedding planners so some of them can give you helpful resources that can make your grand day more memorable.

Don’t Rush Your Photographer

If you want your photos to look amazing and of the best quality, it’s best to wait for your photographer to deliver your wedding photos to you. Most of them will give you a timeline or a range of when they can give you your wedding photos. So, remember not to rush them because good photos take some time to be made.

Trust Your Photographer

The most important thing all wedding photographers wish their clients would know is to learn how to trust them. If they tell you to make a specific pose or avoid a certain angle, listen to them. They are experts in their field and they know which angle or posing best works for you.

There is a lot to consider before your wedding day arrives but one of them is learning how to understand your photographer. If you understand and trust your photographer, you will be able to have wonderful wedding photos and successful ones as well. At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we offer the best wedding photography services Perth has ever seen. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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