Weddings and engagement sessions are once-in-a-lifetime events that are too precious not to document. That is why most couples hire a professional photographer to record these events. They get a collection of priceless photographs that allow them to reminisce about the most beautiful moments of their lives. To get impeccable shots, it is almost imperative to hire the best photographer around. 

On your engagement shoot, capturing you and your partner’s perspectives is very crucial. Plus, your wedding day will be filled with so much love, joy, and celebration. However, you and your partner will be the centre of attention. As much as you want to be omnipresent in every moment your partner will have, as they prepare to meet you on the aisle, or those your guests will share during the reception, you can only attend to one thing at a time. Fortunately, you can relive those moments through photographs. The more photographers you have, the better. Hence, why don’t you consider choosing the best photographers you can find?

Do You Need Multiple Photographers for Your Wedding?

Having more than one photographer is not always necessary for your engagement and wedding photo sessions. There is a drawback: Photographers will most likely not work with another one. This is because everyone has a different style of capturing images and ways of doing things. While anything can be done with enough effort, photographers are artists and would want to stick with their ways. That is why most prefer being the sole photographer in an event.

On the brighter side, you can always hire an existing team of photographers! With a team functioning with harmony and coordination, you can rest assured your engagement and wedding photo albums will be stitched with threads of cohesiveness!

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we believe there are several reasons why you would want to consider having an extra pair of eyes on your big day! Here are some of them:

  1. Having an extra  photographer means you have better coverage from various angles.
  2. Two  photographers can capture each of the soon-to-be newlyweds’ moments and perspectives.
  3. A photographic team can cover most  (if not the whole) of the venue, especially, if it is spacious.
  4. You have more photographs, which is very helpful if you have many guests but limited time.
  5. One photographer can shoot formal images, while the other photographer can capture behind-the-scenes and detailed shots, that is team work.
  6. You have more candid shots.
  7. Faulty camera? Full memory card? Having two photographers minimises risks brought about by unpredictable situations!

How Do You Make a Perfect Photography Team for Your Wedding?

While most people think gathering a team of photographers is very demanding on top of wedding planning, it is not very different from hiring one professional. To know more, let us walk you through some of our tips!

  1. Ask the right questions.

When you finally sit down with your potential photographers, ask them questions you would ask any photographer, but you might want to expect different answers. Some of these questions include the following:

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • How long have you been working together?
  • How will you describe your wedding photography style?
  • What is included in your wedding packages?
  • Can we request specific shots?
  • When will we receive our wedding photos?

Remember, a good team recognises that its members have slightly different ways of doing things. As if on a boat, they may be looking at different scenes, but they have the same destination. Hence, if you find yourself happy with their responses, to move forward, you may proceed with asking them the foolproof question: What is it like to work with you on the day of the wedding? To this, they should be able to answer you with their proper assignments, the atmosphere they set in the session, and the way they handle a situation when conflict arises. 

A good photographers have a clear division of tasks. One might be best in capturing formal shots, while the other is better with candids. Hence, every photographer should be assigned to their area of expertise. Additionally, a considerate team will tell you that they can put people at ease and that the latter feel confident enough to pose for the camera. They might even offer to have a read of their client testimonials. Lastly, ask them how their team managed an unfavourable situation, such as encountering a broken camera, at a wedding. If they got through it amid a high-pressure event, there is no doubt your wedding photo session will be up for success!

2.Take a look at their team’s wedding gallery

 Every photographer has a portfolio.  A team of excellent photographers must be able to win your heart with a portfolio not only made up of images captured by multiple photographers. But this should also tell the single, cohesive, yet concise and straight-to-the-point story of your love!

3.Set your expectations.

Having an idea as to how the wedding photography team works is half the battle. The other half is communicating your expectations to them. This includes sharing your vision of your wedding pictures, as well as availability, timelines, and rates. If your expectations and their deliverables intersect, then, voila! You found the perfect team for your biggest day!

Finding a good team of professional wedding photographers may be relatively easy, but a 100% perfect fit for you and your partner might be hard to come by. But if your expectations are synonymous with a mix of classic and modern styles coupled with a relaxed and purposeful approach, our team might be the one for you and your other half!

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, nothing brings us more joy in the past few decades than seeing the delight on our client’s faces when they get a first look at their photos. We love capturing the love of any form in every way we can! Hence, for a love-filled wedding photo album, contact us to get it started!

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