Lifestyle family photography is very important, especially since it can help us have one of our most precious possessions – which is no other than our family’s portrait.

We never know when a family member would come and go and it’s important to have a family photoshoot at least once a year so we can at least have their photograph with us when the time comes. Aside from that, lifestyle family photography is also a great time for us to celebrate a family member’s milestone together. This will show the bond and the support each family member has for the whole household.

If you are planning to have a family photoshoot together with your family, here are some things that you need to consider before you hire a photographer.


Consider The Style You Want

Professional family photos can happen in a photography studio where a photoshoot set can help you have formal photos, or if you prefer to have a more casual family photo, you can have it taken outdoors such as in parks, gardens, beaches, or even in bushlands.

Before hiring a photographer, make sure to know what style you want your family photos to have. Keep in mind that the results of your wedding photos can vary depending on the style you want to achieve.

Prepare Your Outfits

Discuss what you want to wear during your family photoshoot with your photographer.

Keep in mind that family photoshoots are not the same as maternity photos or other photo sessions where you can wear whatever you feel like wearing. It’s about coordinating with your family to show the bond you share.

A professional family photographer should give you a proper briefing as to what kind of outfit would best fit the style you want for your family photo.

Make sure to choose outfits with coordinating colours so they can blend well with each other in your photos. Avoid wearing matching outfits with your family members, or bright-coloured outfits with big patterns or cartoon faces and logos as they tend to steal the spotlight away from your family’s faces.

Another thing is that the outfits you will wear can also have a great impact on the location of your photoshoot. If you want to have a photoshoot in a photo studio, it’s best to wear smart-casual to formal outfits. On the other hand, if you plan to have your photo shoot done outdoors, pick a more casual style of clothing.

Consider Your Family’s Size

It’s best to talk to your photographer about how many family members are going to be included in a photo shoot. This is to help ensure that they know just how many people they need to photograph.

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we always make sure we have a second photographer for a large group photo, especially when children are involved. This is because we want to make sure that we can capture the spontaneity of young children that is often lost because the photographer is focused on capturing the family group shot.

Consider The Location

If the family photo shoot is taking place outdoors, make sure to discuss with the photographer the location so the photographer can guide you as to the best time of day for the photograph to be taken.

Listen To Your Photographer

Family photoshoots can be a challenge, especially when there are many people involved as this can require quite a bit of pre-planning so please allow the photographer to guide you.  

Family photoshoots are very important since they can let you have the most precious moments with your family frozen in time. Not to mention that they make the most wonderful and heartfelt pictures and decors. So if you are looking for a professional photographer that can let you have the best family portraits, contact us at A Woman’s Touch Photography now.

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