Your wedding is a very important event and it only happens once in your life. You want it to be perfect and successful in every single way. That’s why, if you’re looking forward to hiring a professional wedding photographer, you need to consider lots of things.

Wedding photographers have their style, personality, and experience. Not to mention they also have different pricing rates – which is why it’s very important to ask a few questions before hiring them.

You will be working with your photographer the whole day so it’s best to choose someone who has the same tastes and personality as you to avoid miscommunications. So to help you with what questions to ask your wedding photographer, we have listed the most crucial wedding questions you need to ask them.

Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer

There are times when you visit a photographer’s Instagram and you will instantly know that they are the one you are looking for. But there are also times when you think you have found ‘the one’ but it turns out that you two aren’t a good match. That’s why it’s very important to have a set of questions to ask when planning a wedding and a few questions to ask when hiring a photographer.

How Long Have You Been Working In The Industry?

The years of experience a photographer has can help you determine how they can handle the details you want to have during your wedding. Not to mention that the more the weddings a photographer has worked, the sharper they are during the actual event. They will know what angles to shoot, and when or at what times should they take photos.

Have You Worked Under A Qualified Photographer Before Starting On Your Own?

Sometimes, professional photographers started as interns or assistants of other professional and well-known photographers before they started on their own.

This question can help you determine the credibility and the experience a photographer has. If they have worked with someone who is known in the wedding photography industry then the more they know how to take care of a wedding.

What’s the Quality Of Your Photos?

The quality of your wedding photos is very important. This will serve as the memorabilia of your most precious wedding day. So it’s always good to keep good quality photos that you can look back to some time in the future. After all, most wedding photos also serve as a nice decoration for your home or even in your office.

Photographers can take hundreds to thousands of images during a wedding day even if they’re not good photographers, and even still, there would be at least a few good photos among the thousands of images they have taken.

Ask them for a portfolio of a wedding they have worked with or a complete set of a wedding album. If they only show you two to three images, you might have to question their ability.

What’s Included In The Package?

This question covers a lot, especially when it comes to the pricing rate. Ask your photographer what would be included in the package you are going to consider. Ask if they are the ones doing the photography during your wedding or if other photographers would attend.

You can also ask them how the images are going to be presented or if they have an online gallery for your family and guests to view after. Perhaps you should also ask them if they can provide digital copies for you or a hard copy of a complete wedding album.

Make sure to ask them every detail about the package they are offering.

How Would You Dress During My Wedding?

A professional photographer also knows how to dress according to the wedding’s theme. Of course, they should also wear something that they are comfortable with, especially since they are going to do lots of bending or sitting on the ground.

But even so, he or she must also know how to dress respectfully during a wedding.

Knowing what to ask your wedding photographer is very important since the quality and the outcome of your wedding photos would depend on their ability. We at A Woman’s Touch Photography can offer you a great wedding photography service. We have served countless couples in the whole of Perth and all of them are greatly satisfied with our work. If you want to be one of them, contact us now!

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