Many couples consider having an engagement photoshoot before their big day arrives. There are many benefits one can enjoy during an engagement photoshoot. Aside from the photos, you can use for your wedding day, it’s also a great time to make more memories with your partner.

Now, before booking an engagement photoshoot with your desired Perth engagement photographer, you first need to choose the location where you want your magical shoot to happen.

Below is a list of the best places to shoot your pre wedding shoot Perth.


Gwelup Secret Garden

One of the most popular wedding venues South West WA can offer is the Gwelup Secret Garden. However, it’s not just popular with weddings but engagement photo shoots too. Many soon-to-be-married couples take their time to have their engagement shoots done here because of its beautiful locations.

You can take photos of trees that are filled with green vines, huge tree trunks, a small stream, and so much more. If you want to have engagement photos that can make you get closer to nature, this location is your best choice.

St Michael The Archangel Chapel

St Michael The Archangel Chapel is also on top of the most popular Perth wedding venues. And just like other locations, many couples also choose this place to take their engagement photos. It’s a huge church with vintage scenery. It’s also surrounded by a couple of buildings that complement the colour and the vibe of the church.

If you want to have a vintage-inspired engagement photoshoot, this place is the one you’re looking for.

Mettam’s Pool

Do you and your partner love the beach? Then Mettam’s Pool by Trigg Beach is the best place to have your engagement photoshoot. It’s a lagoon shallow enough for snorkelling. But it’s not just popular because of that. Many couples also go here to have their engagement shoot. It’s a secluded beach with different rock formations and glistening sand that can make your engagement photos more aesthetic and endearing.

Bells Rapids and Bells Lookout

Now, if you love the outdoors Bells Rapids and Bells Lookout make up for the best engagement photos. It has an outdoor and casual vibe with stunning spots you can use for your photoshoot. You can take photos by the lake, or with the beautiful rock formations there. If you want a spot overlooking the trees and the rest of nature, they also have one.


If you want a Victorian-inspired slash urban-like concept for your engagement photos, let’s take you to Fremantle. This city located at the mouth of the Swan River is popular for its artistic buildings and quirky sceneries. You can take pictures of historic spots, along with Victorian-styled terraces, and a lot of old-school pubs. It’s the best place for couples looking for a location where they can show their hip and fun sides.

Kings Park

Kings Park is also one of the most popular engagement locations in Perth. It’s known for its beautiful flowers, trees, and stunning view of the whole city. Your photographer can use the wonderful plants surrounding the area to take the best shots for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Many couples go here during the golden hour to take pictures because of the wonderful sunlight making up for magical and wonderful engagement photos.

Hyde Park

Another beautiful and popular engagement location that many couples love to go to is Hyde Park. It’s mostly popular during the fall season since it’s surrounded by maple trees that provide beautiful shades of orange and yellow during fall. Here are some poses and spots you can try with your partner when visiting Hyde Park.

There are many other wonderful locations in Perth where you can have your engagement photoshoot but the locations listed above are one of the most popular ones. Now, no matter which location you choose as long as you have a great photographer with you, you will certainly have the best engagement photos you can ever ask for. So, if you need a professional engagement photographer, get in touch with us at A Woman’s Touch Photography now.

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