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A Woman’s Touch Photography’s approach and style to professional portrait photography are natural, classic, and minimalistic. We like to think that our portraits are calming. Having fun with what we do is very important to us, and is one of the reasons why we love photography so much! We believe that our philosophy and passion for photography is reflected in our work.

As a portrait photographer, it's important to us to get to know you before the shoot so we can create photos that truly represent who you are! We'll chat about your hopes and dreams, your hobbies, where you grew up, what food defines you… basically, anything that comes to mind! We love getting to know you and your passions.

We’re creating a relaxed atmosphere during our shoot. Getting clean shots of people is only possible when the environment is stress-free. If we're shooting in our studio, we'll play some music, chat about what's on tap for the day, and get ready to shoot some portrait photos! If it's an outdoor shoot, we'll find a beautiful location that's important to you. We want our shoots to be unique to you!

Tips & Tricks For Your Photo Portraits

After receiving such positive feedback on our portrait photography, we decided to compile a list of our top ten tips and tricks – so you can take stunning photo portraits of your friends and family.

  • Natural Light

Natural light is best. If you have the luxury of taking your photo outdoors, then do it! Indoor lighting can be too harsh and flat for portraits, but if that's all you've got - then get your subject by a window. Even though there are many different kinds of portrait photography lighting techniques, natural light is always best.

  • Be consistent with your depth of field

Out of focus backgrounds help the subject 'pop,' and if you're taking photos in a portrait studio, then everything should be focused. This is especially important for close-up shots since this will add blur to your background and make your subject stand out.

  •  Be patient

Let your subject get comfortable and, most importantly, have fun! Don't be too quick to shoot. When you see a candid moment happening in front of you - it's time to take the shot! Natural smiles are more flattering than forcing a smile on command.

  •  Lighting

For indoor shoots (like at home), use natural light from a window during the day, or a lamp at night. If you have a garage with a door that gets excellent lighting, you can use it as well! You can also bring portable lights if there's not good lighting in your home/studio/garage etc.

  • Natural posing

Natural posing looks more natural and innocent. Using your subject's arms will bring out his or her figure, but don't pose them too stiffly. Standing straight with your shoulders back is a good general rule. The "hands-in-pockets" pose isn't as attractive as you think!

  • Don't force it

Don't be afraid to try new ideas and different angles. The more natural you are with your poses, the more comfortable your subject will be! Remember, have fun with what you do.

  •  Clothing

Having a casual shooting style is best for friends and family, so wear clothing that you would feel most comfortable in. You want to avoid anything too attention-grabbing or loud like flashy prints or neon colours. You can also make your own T-shirts for more originality!

  • Lighting

Indoor portrait lighting is fairly simple; you don't always need to use artificial lighting if there's a large window that has great natural light coming in. If you're using the indoor lights, position the subject by a window so that it lights their face and puts them in the best light possible.

  •  Use an external flash

Using your camera's pop-up flash for outdoor portrait shots is usually awful - unless there isn't any other option. It will dramatically improve your portrait pictures! You can buy an external flash (like the Nissin Di466) for relatively cheap, and it will make an amazing difference. It's definitely worth it!

  •  Look for interesting angles

Shooting your subject while having them look down onto the camera - or while looking up at you can create some excellent looks. Interesting angles are usually best in portrait photography, so don't be afraid to try something new!

We hope that these simple, practical steps will inspire you to take better portraits than ever before!

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