Our approach and style to portrait photography is natural, classic and minimalistic


The first 10 days after a baby’s birth are generally very uneventful in terms of interaction with you as your new baby will spend much of his or her time sleeping. At this point your baby is only awake 10% of the time which means your baby will not feel disturbed while dreaming. As newborns get older (10 days) they tend to have longer awake periods, be disturbed more easily and become more challenging to settle. Any parent will tell you how quickly your baby will grow, especially in those first few weeks so that is why we feel it essential to capture this early stage.

While beautiful images can be captured at any stage, we work with newborns up to 4 weeks, keeping in mind that beyond those first few days we may not be able to get those sleepy and curled newborn poses.

We offer a calm and gentle experience during your newborn’s first photo session in our studio.


Our maternity photography style is elegant, classic and timeless.

All maternity sessions are tailored specifically to you.  Prior to your shoot we discuss ideas on posing, lighting, wardrobe, and style of your photos as we can do them either in our studio or on location.  Maternity sessions are best captured between 29 and 36 weeks.  A beautiful selection of silk draping and sheer materials are provided for your portrait session.

We recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done and is included in our package.


Our family photo sessions are relaxed, enjoyable and unhurried.  Our aim is to help you celebrate every stage of your like with natural photography that reflects and fits your style, your family and the way you live. Our style is genuine and fun.

At times you will not even be aware that we are taking photographs!  We do not limit the time for each family photo shoot because our objective is to capture your family’s unique character.

The first step toward your photography shoot is your planning session. We invite you to get together with us to design your shoot, communicate to us the kind of photos you would love to have, share ideas, talk about what to wear and whether you would like to have your photographs taken at our studio or on a chosen location – this way your images will be unique and truly portray your family which you will treasure for a long time to come.