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Personal branding photography is the most important tool in your marketing arsenal. You want to create a series of images that accurately represent your brand. Each image is an opportunity for potential clients or employers to get who they are hiring or working with. If they are looking at 10 different companies, they are going to pick the company that stands out from the crowd. They are going to pick the company that is more compelling, their message is more appealing and they invest your time with theirs.

A Perth branding photoshoot is fun and you should hire a professional photographer for it. A Woman's Touch Photographer is the leading personal branding photographer in Perth, Australia. We provide high-quality branding photography for people who are looking to promote their personal brand. We specialise in capturing powerful images that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Our team of photographers have extensive experience in commercial, corporate and fashion photography. All our photographers are skilled at producing high-resolution creative photos with different styles to suit your needs.

Perth Personal Branding Tips

Making your images match your brand is more complicated, but not impossible! When you're trying to build a personal brand, it's important that your images start from the same point. A photo of a smiling model can look nice at first glance, but what does it say about your brand?

The goal of a Perth personal branding image is to communicate what you're all about, and who you are as a person. There are a few different ways to show the real you:

  • Relatable, casual pose. If a person can recognize themselves doing this pose, it'll make them feel like they know you better already! And if your audience is mostly other photographers, well, use their experience against them.
  • Intentional expression, casual pose. If you're comfortable looking at the camera and showing your personality, this is an easy way to let people know who you are.
  • Intentional expression, candid moment. Stop thinking of the camera as something that makes you look unnatural or stiff! The camera can capture a genuine smile or laugh just as easily as it can capture a professional portrait.

This is another way to show your personality through your photos if you're not comfortable looking at the camera and smiling, yet still want people to know who you are.

  • Capturing daily moments is an easy way to show that you're just like everyone else, but that you have the talent to be able to capture these moments well.

The important part is that your images are communicating who you are and what you're all about!

Great branding personal photography Perth does one thing better than anything else: helps people understand your brand. When someone sees an image of yours, they should immediately get a feeling for what you're all about.

A Woman’s Touch Personal Branding Perth Photographer

Personal branding Perth is all about making yourself look attractive to your target audience. Good personal branding is also about consistency, which means it's important to maintain the same style in everything you do. Whether you're writing blog posts, creating videos for YouTube or just taking photographs of your products, you should always aim for a uniform feel that matches what people have come to expect from you.

A Woman's Touch Photographer understands this, which is why all of the personal branding photography Perth we create has a consistent look and feel. In addition to providing business headshots, we also provide commercial photography for a variety of clients who have specific branding needs. We are not new to this field, as we have worked with hundreds of clients over the years. We know exactly what it takes to create visuals that will attract your target audience and help you stand out from the competition. 

As an established photography service provider, we can provide your business with a number of different services. From candid personal branding shots to professional-level commercial products, we have the expertise required to meet all of your needs. Contact us today for more information about our process or to get started on the road to becoming the next big thing in your industry!

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Precious moments to enjoy for years to come…

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we create a high-quality experience for you and your guests, and by getting to know you, we can personalize your photoshoot to showcase your style and vision.

You’ll get more than just simple poses and common shots. There’s confidence in feeling beautiful, and we know how to make that feeling real. We will capture your amazing day and true personality in the perfect keepsake, so you can treasure your important day for years to come.


Mother and daughter team Brenda and Emma have been recording magical moments for more than 30 years and have the experience to ensure your wedding photos are simply stunning.  Whether it’s suggesting the most flattering poses and locations, handling a large wedding party or coaxing camera-shy flower girls and page boys, Brenda and Emma will be in the right place at the right time.


Brenda and Emma, words cannot express how grateful both Ryan and I are for all the amazing work you put into making our photos so perfect. It was so special having you both with us … We are beyond happy with our images. Thank you thank you thank you xxx

– Ryan & Teeghan


Our prices include affordable photography packages for your Perth wedding. When you book with us, you get access to two professional photographers. We are the only mother and daughter team in Perth who works together simultaneously to capture stylish and timeless photos to tell your wedding story.


Our style of photography is glamorous, fashionable yet classic and natural at the same time.

Depending on the month you’re getting married we are sometimes fully booked more than a year in advance. We limit the number of weddings we photograph so we can give the attention to detail you deserve.

When you book A Woman’s Touch Photography to photograph your wedding, you get access to Brenda and Emma being your exclusive photographers for your special day. Having two photographers at your wedding allows us to capture different moments simultaneously providing more coverage of your wedding.

Yes we do. You can find them on our Wedding Galleries page.

We meet with you before your wedding day to get to know you and your story. We finalise all details of the day, customise a timeline and the locations we take you to photograph you and your bridal party. The locations on which we decide will be chosen to compliment your wedding theme.