Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events filled with precious moments. These instances range from the biggest highlights of your nuptials to the smallest intimate ones. Moreover, these priceless, emotional moments are shared not only by you and your partner, but with your beloved family members and closest friends.. Unsurprisingly, you find yourself looking forward to and wanting to cherish them forever.

Professional wedding photography will play a crucial role on your big day. A team of experts will ensure you have a photo album full of your wedding’s most endearing moments captured in photographs. You might even be surprised to see moments you might have missed during the celebration. For this, you are not at fault! After all, a lot will be happening. Plus, you will barely have enough room to contain the bliss! From a day filled with love and affection, your wedding will surely bring about a collection of the most emotional pictures you get to treasure all your life.


A good wedding photographer does not only know which moments to capture, but is also equipped with the correct techniques, positions, and angles to catch them beautifully. At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we strike a balance between capturing your highlight reels and the in-betweens. To achieve this, we work as a duo. Having two photographers to document your wedding does not only give you more pictures. This also ensures you have a collection of impeccably recorded, unexpected, and candid moments between you, your partner, and your loved ones. 

We know that wedding planning puts a lot on your plate. While you might have a list of wedding moments you want to capture, it is inevitable to miss something. Hence, when it comes to putting together your wedding album, let us offer a helping hand with some wedding photography ideas for your shot list.

  • Pre-Ceremony Moments

A lot will be happening even before the wedding ceremony starts. In these scenes, your loved ones will show support in the littlest ways: the bride gets her makeup done, the bridesmaid helps her zip the dress up, the groom’s father helps him with his necktie, and the like. On top of these, you will receive warm hugs and well wishes. You would not want to miss these in your photo album!

In most cases, the couple will get ready separately with their bridesmaid and groomsmen. If this is the way you want to go, you won’t get to see what the experience will be like for your significant other. Hence, capturing these moments will be beyond price.

  • Your Parents’ First Look at You

This moment will probably take place during the preparation hour or right before you walk down the aisle. It is crucial to consider that as much as your wedding is your big day, it is an even bigger one for your mum and dad. 

A wedding evokes countless emotions. As you start a new journey with your other half and build a family of your own, do not be surprised if your parents show feelings of pride!

  • That First Look

The look that you share for the first time as you walk down the aisle, is the perfect moment  to capture the raw love and devotion you have for each other.. 

Weddings can be nerve-wracking but as soon as you meet each other’s gaze, all the nervousness will melt away and be replaced by courage, knowing you will face life’s uncertainties with that person from then on! 

  • Exchanging of Rings and First Kiss

Holding each other’s hands is a gesture that says you walk this earth with your person. But once you exchange rings, the connection gets stronger as the bands symbolize that the two have become one. And when you kiss for the first time as newlyweds, that is when you seal the deal! These moments are two of the highlights of your life you would want to share with the world. Hence, do not miss having mementos of these!

  • Walk Down Aisle Together

After exchanging your I Do’s and your first kiss as newlyweds, expect the loudest cheers and congratulations from family and friends. Around this moment, the two of you will walk out of the ceremony together, but the clapping and applause will not die anytime soon. Everyone will be full of love and smiles. Hence, expect an energetic shot from this. Add rose petals, and it will be a colourful one, too!

  • The First Dance

In some cultures, it is a tradition that married the couple dance together at their wedding. While dancing together is not new, your first dance as newlyweds can feel entirely different. Your wedding can be an overwhelming experience, and the reality that you are married may not set in right away until you do something together as mundane as dancing to your favourite song.

You can also share the dance floor with your family and friends. Whether it is a father-daughter or mother-son duo, every moment is worth capturing!

  • The Toasts

The toasts can be one of the most emotional moments of your wedding day as you and your loved ones exchange words of affirmation and love. At that moment, whether you are the one giving or receiving such kind words, expect your heart to be touched and your face painted with countless emotions. Later, look at that moment captured in a photograph and see that it is no wonder people say a picture speaks a thousand words!

  • The Cake Cutting

During the cake cutting, most couples add sweetness to the day by offering each other a bite of the wedding cake.

  • The Bouquet and Garter Toss

Another way to playfully interact with your guests is by hosting a bridal bouquet and garter toss. While these are old traditions, these can make for fun photos on your photo album as everyone will surely be smiling with excitement! The photographed reactions of those who will catch your bouquet and garter will surely bring the laughs as you reminisce about your wedding day in the future!

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we find joy in the privilege of documenting your wedding, and our goal has always been to put a smile on your face and possibly a tear to your eye as you remember one of the most precious days of your life! We anticipate and capture the big moments as well as the little, yet intimate moments, of your lives in which you can share with your loved ones and pass down to the next generation in the years to come!

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