Wraps are always at the top of the list for newborn photoshoots. Whether you’re talking about baby photography at home ideas or studio photoshoots, wraps are always essential. They are not only simple but they also give the softest vibe in your photos. Not to mention that they are also easy to carry and are very flexible.

Bean Bag

Even if your newborn is mostly asleep during the whole photoshoot, putting them in the right position can be a challenge. However, using a bean bag can make the shoot more minimalistic and easier. Not to mention that bean bags are soft and super safe for babies. Newborn posing bean bag Australia is one of the most popular ideas in almost all newborn photoshoots.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are also one of the simplest props you can use for your newborn photoshoot. They give off soft and aesthetic vibes that can result in amazing newborn photos.

Faux Fur

Just like carpets and rugs, faux fur can also give a soft touch to your baby’s photoshoot.


If you want to try something new and simple for your newborn photoshoot, you can try using books. A pile of books will give a sophisticated and unique look to your newborn’s pictures.


Letters with your baby’s initials or the parents’ initials can also be used for minimalistic newborn photos. They are not just simple but they also help incorporate something unique about your baby or involve the parents too.


Flowers can also be a great addition to your backdrop or incorporate something cute and sweet into your baby’s pictures. You can use your favourite flower and bend them or just put them anywhere that will make the picture look more vibrant and colourful.


Baskets, especially rustic or wooden baskets, make up the best newborn photos. They are not just simple but they also give off very aesthetic and natural vibes.

Choosing the right props for your newborn’s photo shoot is very important as it can set the vibe of the photos. Using props can also make up for the best and most unique newborn photos that you can use as decor for your home or office. But it’s also important to know what props are safe for your baby. If you need more newborn photography ideas, you can check out this post. And if you need a professional newborn photographer to capture the best newborn photos for your little one, get in touch with us at A Woman’s Touch Photography now.

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