Taking portrait photos is one of the most creative ways to express yourself. It also allows you to sharpen your artistic side. Whether for an event or leisure, portrait photography can help you learn more about yourself, the people and the world around you. Capturing a lasting image of yourself or your family and friends may also deepen your self-awareness and connection with others.

Taking selfies or wefies has become the norm nowadays. Strike a pose, give your best smile, and tap your screen–It is easy. On the other hand, taking these kinds of photographs may limit your creativity and self-expression.

Want to capture portraits as intriguing as your personality but don’t know where to start? At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we will show you how to take portrait photos for visuals that you will surely love. Our team believes portraits are at their best when taken with creative and purposeful direction. Hence, let us share some unique portrait photography tips for your next session!

1.Try out new perspectives

Portrait photography ideas are hard to come by, especially if you are not used to being behind the camera. If this applies to you, our word is, “trust yourself and start simple.” Most of the time, everyday scenes can turn out extraordinary by shifting your perspective.

We mostly see the world at eye level. But you can add a boost of creativity to your shots by getting low or by shooting overhead. Think about birds-eye views and drone shots! A simple tweak in perspective can transform a flat image into an interesting, dynamic one. Additionally, shooting close-ups may pull your audience’s attention to a particular body part, which adds intimacy.

Just find a picture-perfect spot with impeccable lighting. It does not matter if it is by your kitchen window or under a tree at your favourite park. Play with poses and your angles, and then the next thing you know, you have captured a jaw-dropping shot!

2.Play with lighting and shadows

When you master light, taking impeccable photographs becomes a breeze. Indeed, lighting can make all the difference in producing a fantastic picture. But did you know that its absence can bring the same results, too? Yes, a well-placed shadow can add a dramatic feel to your portraits. 

Consider experimenting with light and shadows by shooting in areas with harsh lighting that will cast shadow patterns on you. Pose underneath a palm tree or hold foliage. You may also stand next to curtains and window blinds. Another technique is by wearing sun hats or holding pieces of lace. You can also use shadow play to your advantage by utilising light shapers to create your preferred patterns. Else, cast your own shadow!

3.Show your reflection

Next to shadows, reflections make great photography tools, too. If you are doing a self-portrait, using a mirror allows you to show people how you see yourself. If you are the person behind the lens, you give your subject the same opportunity.

While wall mirror selfies have become the default social media profile pictures for many, remember that other forms can offer you heaps of portrait ideas. For example, you can hold a handheld mirror at an arm’s length. Else, pose in front of a reflective area such as a glass window or metallic surface. For nature shots, a body of water will make your image more interesting. Just be careful with the water flow. For a more dramatic shot, look at yourself over broken mirrors on the ground!

4.Partially hide parts of your body

Instead of taking a shot of your whole body or face, focus on only one part. Concealing parts of your body can make another one a focal point. This is good if you want to highlight a favourite body part. Plus, this adds a mysterious feel to your photographs. 

For this cool technique, you may use other body parts such as your hands or hair. Else, you may stand behind a curtain or any solid, attractive foreground.

5.Look for frames in ordinary things

An excellent frame draws focus to the main subject. Unfortunately, some photographers often overlook this crucial element of photo composition. To make your shots extra attractive, utilise an interesting one. Usual frames include doorways and window frames. You can also use arches, tree branches, and even your hands to your advantage! Again, it’s a matter of perspective.

You do not have to be a professional to bring these portrait photography ideas to success. However, if you want an expert to execute these techniques for your next set of portraits, you can always trust the A Woman’s Touch Photography team for a unique portrait session. 

Our approach is planned and purposeful yet with a sense of calm and comfort that will surely bring you confidence. And with you knowing what an interestingly creative portrait session entails, expect our time together as a piece of cake!

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