Congratulations on your engagement! You must be excited and thrilled to start the next phase of your life with your beloved significant other. At the same time, if you are uncertain about where to start planning for your big day, it can get overwhelming.

We get you. It is perfectly understandable to want the wedding of your dreams–one that fits all your standards of what perfection is. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will kick off your forever with your other half! It must be remarkable!

Narrowing down the first steps of wedding planning can be daunting. That is why we are here to walk you through the basics. At A Woman’s Touch Photography, not only do we bring you impeccable documentation of your big day, but we also aim that it will speak of joy and ease. This way, your and your fiance’s smiles on that day will be genuine and picture-perfect! To start, read on. 

#1. Set a Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget will dictate most of your decisions for your nuptials. Hence, it is only wise that this one is the first one you decide on. Look into your finances and think about how you can save and afford to spend on your wedding day. Setting a wedding budget and sticking to it will spare you from unnecessary financial stress later on!

#2. Set the Wedding Date

You and your partner might have always dreamed of tying the knot on your anniversary or another exceptional date. Spring and autumn are the most popular months to get married. However, regardless of the when, it is best to coordinate with your guests for possible conflicts in schedule and to mark the calendar as soon as possible. This way, you will have more time to plan and get the best venue out there!

#3. Finalise Your Wedding Guest List and Your Bridal Party

After setting the date, talk to your lover about who they would like to witness your vows and play significant roles on the day. Whether you decide on an intimate or a big wedding, knowing the preliminary guest count will give you a head start in reserving a venue.

#4. Select the Wedding Venue

Typically, it is the venue that sets the final wedding date. With a guest list on hand, you can narrow down your options. Some places can hold both the wedding ceremony and reception. Nevertheless, select one that speaks to you. Remember, it will be the backdrop of your photographs. Hence, make sure the decor and architecture match your wedding theme!

Also, book the ceremony location for a date near your wedding for a rehearsal, which is the perfect opportunity to see what can go wrong. By avoiding these potential mishaps, your event will be foolproof!

#5. Book the Church or the Wedding Officiant

Whether you decide to get married in a church or someplace else, book your preferred church or wedding celebrant around the same time as the venue to secure your date!

#6. Use a Wedding App and Start a Wedding Website

As mentioned, planning a wedding can get stressful. Fortunately, technology finds its way to help you in every possible way. There are wedding apps that can assist you with your plans while you are on the go. These allow you to access planning tools on your mobile device. 

Else, you can make a spreadsheet of your wedding timeline, budget, and plans so you can keep track of everything easily! You can also create a wedding website to keep your family and friends updated with your wedding journey. This way, you can share your excitement with them!

#7. Decide on Your Wedding’s Theme, Motif, Decor, and Details

Research wedding themes, motifs, decor, and details to curate your style. You can check out Instagram and Pinterest for the trendiest concepts out there, but remember to stay true to yourself and decide on what makes you feel comfortable. Then book a wedding stylist who can manifest your visualised wedding into reality. By going after what you want, you are setting your big day up for success!

#8. Shop for Your Wedding Attire and Rings

Unless you are going for your mom or gran’s hand-me-down, choose a wedding dress that reflects your style and chosen theme. In the end, it should make you feel your best and most confident!

For your bridesmaids’ dresses, you can ask for their suggestions. While theirs should be colour- or motif-coordinated, it should also speak for them. You can pick a style that suits all figure types. As long as it flatters everyone in the bridal party, it’s a win-win!

#9. Coordinate with Your Wedding Vendors

Next up are the flowers, cake, catering, invitations, music, hair and makeup, transportation, and documentation, among others. All of these will make your wedding fabulous and relaxing not only for you but also for your guests.

Pick your favourite flowers and approach a florist whose design spark joy in you. You might even get complimentary blooms when you book early! Also, design your invitations and send them out to your loved ones when you’re ready! 

Book a caterer that offers your favourite cuisine. Sharing your favourite food with your guests on your big day is the perfect way to commune. To make the day extra, hire musicians who will play the soundtrack to your wedding day. 

On the day you have been looking forward to, you can start it by relaxing with a team of hair and makeup artists who will enhance your natural beauty. Also, depending on the venue, you will need transportation for you, your partner, and the wedding party to the ceremony. If possible, you can also book rides for your guests to make the logistics hassle-free for them. They will surely appreciate such a little gesture of thanks!

Remember, your wedding is a time you cannot rewind. Hence, it is crucial to document it. That way, you will have something precious to hold on to and will allow you to look back on such a priceless time of your life. Since your photographer will spend more time with you than any other wedding vendor you will have, make sure that not only do they catch how you want to remember your wedding, but you should also feel at ease working with them.

A Woman’s Touch Photography will hand you stunning photographs of your wedding day. With a sense of calm in our relaxed yet planned approach, we bring purposeful direction to the table for the wedding pictures that you will surely love. As the only mother-daughter wedding photography duo in Perth, we perfectly merge class and modernity in our style.

Now that you know how to plan a wedding, you will find a way to make it more fun! Setting up a wedding registry, buying gifts for the members of your bridal party, and planning your honeymoon on your breaks can be productive ways to recharge your batteries! On the day you say your “I Do’s,” try to relax and enjoy all of the beautiful moments with your dear ones!

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