Pregnancy is a beautiful part of motherhood. Apart from the thrill of anticipating the arrival of your little one, it has other perks, too. These include a gorgeous baby bump, glowing skin, and luxurious locks. 

While pregnancy is a precious time in your life, it is not always convenient and glamorous. You will experience stretch marks, painful swollen ankles, and rollercoaster emotions. While these less enjoyable moments are real, your body does an incredible job keeping you and your baby safe. 

As you count down the days until you can wrap your arms around your gorgeous bundle of joy, you might feel the need to celebrate and capture this unique season in your life in images. And what better way to do so than have a maternity photoshoot?

A maternity photoshoot allows you to look back on your pregnancy. It will allow you to celebrate your body and the beautiful changes it went through. Not only does it give you the chance to bond and get closer to your partner, but you will also give your future child a retrospective look at mum and themselves together before they were born.   A maternity session also provides for self-expression and another excuse to get dolled up!

The downside of pregnancy may be that you feel not-so-pretty for a maternity photoshoot. But let us suggest that you thank your body and treat yourself and enjoy this most transformative phase of your life.  We know that the girls at A Woman’s Touch Photography, are over the moon when it comes to photographing mothers-to-be.  They told us that being mothers themselves, and having had their own pregnancy photoshoots, they know just how important and precious those memories are.  

Let us walk you through some maternity photoshoot tips to help you feel and look your best in your session.

  • Come in for a Maternity Photoshoot between your 28th and 32nd weeks.

When doing a maternity photoshoot, it is best to show up with a round, visible bump that is not too little nor too big. During this time, you will still feel comfortable enough to move around and pose during the session. For expecting mums, we suggest having a shoot between weeks 28 and 32 in your pregnancy.  For mums looking forward to twins, we advise you to arrange for your shoot two weeks earlier as multiples tend to make you larger and perhaps not so comfortable during the session. 

  • Beautify Yourself

We recommend getting dolled up for your maternity photoshoot. Not only will this make your professional photographer’s work less challenging, but you will also feel confident during the session.  Style your hair based on how you feel best and the theme of your shoot.  Plus, do not forget!  A little bit of powder, blush, eyeliner, and mascara can go a long way! It also pays to keep yourself hydrated and your skin moisturised and exfoliated. These steps will help your skin look clearer… you will positively glow, and this will look amazing in any images you choose. 

We suggest investing in a professional hair and makeup artist. Not only will you get a look that is tailored especially for your session, but you will feel pampered, and this will reflect in your photos. 

  • Choose the Right Clothes to Wear

You might be wondering about the right clothes to wear on a maternity photoshoot.  Our recommendation is – to wear the ones you feel most comfortable and pretty in!  While long, thin, flowy, and even sheer dresses accentuate the baby bump, if it is out of your comfort zone, then it is not going to work.  May we recommend that you ask your chosen photographer for input.  They will usually know what works best.  

We know that the girls from AWTP will sometimes get their subjects to pose with just a piece of material accentuating the beautiful pregnant shape and this can be so artistic and beautiful. 

If you are opting for revealing shots, it is best to prepare a neutral-colour strapless bra and seamless underwear to avoid distracting elements. Just make sure the hue is the same as the colour of your venue’s backdrop and harmonises with your makeup. If your partner is joining you, we suggest coordinating outfits, too!

  • Hire a Professional Maternity Photographer 

Every photographer has different skills in different areas of their art,  So, you need a photographer who has the reputation of being an artistic maternity photographer.   Find a professional who specializes in maternity photography. Ask around, visit websites, and look at their work.  This way, you will have someone who knows how to work the lighting, colours, angles and poses that will surely flatter your face and figure. They will emphasize your bump and beautiful curves. The more experienced they are, the more comfortable you will feel in front of the lens as they will direct you throughout the shoot. 

Whether you want to go for a preppy, boho, chic, or belly boudoir, it is crucial to choose a professional whose photographic y style resonates with you. Also, to ensure quality maternity photographs, make sure to explore their portfolio and have a look at their recent sessions on their social media accounts. If their work speaks consistent excellence, book your date as soon as possible. An accomplished maternity photographer may not have that many openings in their calendar.  

We know the girls at A Woman’s Touch Photography will put your comfort first. Hence, for a maternity photoshoot session that is tailored specifically to you, we know you can trust them to deliver. They have decades of professional experience and have mastered the art of taking purpose-driven, classic and timeless shots on the backdrop of a calm and relaxed environment. Not only will you get stunning maternity portraits, but you will have an overall satisfying experience!

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