Now that you have everything you need from your wedding dress, cake, bouquet, and even the band that’s going to play at your wedding, what’s the last thing that will make your wedding day even more beautiful? Correct! It is a professional wedding photographer.

A wedding photographer can give you the most amazing wedding photos and help you freeze this memorable event in time. But how can you find the right Perth wedding photographer that fits your standard?

With the many Perth photographers today, finding the perfect one that you can hire for your wedding day is crucial. Make sure to read this small guide to help you learn the things you need to consider before hiring the perfect wedding photographer in Perth.

Read Their Reviews

Finding someone who can give you the perfect Perth photography for your wedding is important. After all, the results of your wedding photos will highly depend on their skills.

If you are on the lookout for a wedding photographer Perth, make sure to check out every website of professional wedding photographers around you.

Aside from checking out their portfolio and skills, make sure to also check out their reviews. You will be able to distinguish a good photographer through the reviews given to them by their previous clients. 

Get Feedback from Professional Labs

Getting feedback from professional labs about certain photo studios can also help you find a perfect photographer that can give you high-quality photos.

Professional labs help process the work of a professional photographer. They help print out the images of the client’s order from their photographers. That’s why they will be able to distinguish which photo studio uses quality images and which does not.

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we have tried sending out our works at two different pro labs and they always tell us “We love processing your work!” When we asked them why they replied “We don’t have to work on your images before they are processed.  They are wonderfully clear, with good exposure and there is nothing to do.”

That’s why getting feedback from professional labs can help you know which photo studio can give you the highest quality images.

How Long Have They Been in the Business

Another thing you should consider when looking for a photographer in Perth is to know how long they have been working as photographers in Perth. Yes, skills do matter but experience also plays a very crucial part when doing wedding photography.

Professional wedding photographers who have been in the business for years have already worked with different types of clients. They work diligently and they know everything about wedding photography.

A professional photographer knows when to be in the right place at the right time. They also know what moments should be captured during a wedding day. Plus, they will make sure that you won’t have to instruct them where and when they should take pictures because they already know what to do.

In short, a professional photographer can help you have the best and most stress-free wedding day.

Make Sure They Are Accredited

It’s also a great thing to hire a wedding photographer that is part of the AIPP or the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. An AIPP membership isn’t given to just any photographer around Australia. They will have to submit a portfolio of a complete wedding or wedding portrait where a panel critiques their work. If their work fits with the AIPP standard, they will be given accreditation.

 Weddings are a one-time thing, so make sure to find the perfect wedding photographer to hire during your wedding. If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer in Perth that has years of experience with positive feedback and reviews from both pro labs and past clients, plus an AIPP accreditation, A Woman’s Touch Photography might be the one you are looking for.

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