Having a maternity photoshoot is one of the best ways to commemorate your pregnancy, a beautiful yet fleeting phase of your life. Documenting your days as you wait for your little bundle of joy not only gives you a chance to look back to this season in the future but also offers your future child a glimpse of your excitement as you look forward to meeting them. It also allows you to celebrate your strong body that goes through changes and bond with your partner.

As you consider the idea of having a maternity shoot, you might wonder about how to take maternity photos. While this seems to be the photographer’s concern, at A Woman’s Touch Photography, we believe it is a collaborative work between you and the expert. For some ideas, let us give tips on creating the best pregnancy photos you and your loved ones will like.

  • Choose the Best Timing for your Maternity Session

It seems wise to have your maternity photoshoot when your bump is visibly round. That is why most expectant mums come in for a photoshoot between weeks 28 and 32 through their pregnancies, or two weeks earlier if they are anticipating multiples. During these times, the baby bump states the obvious, yet mums are still comfortable enough to move around and pose during the session.

Unfortunately, this does not work for everyone, but the good news is that the best time for a maternity session is entirely up to you. Hence, choose the time you are most comfortable with. For example, during the first trimester. While your baby bump may not be that visible yet, the good news is that there are multiple ways to showcase your pregnancy aside from this. Using props like a photo of your sonogram, a pair of baby shoes or a piece of newborn clothing will surely add charm to your photographs! With a maternity shoot during your first trimester, you can use the pictures for your pregnancy announcement or baby shower, too!

  • Find the Right Maternity Photoshoot Location

The best maternity session venue is the place you love! Hence, it is best to think of a place that has value to you and your family. This may be a scenic beach, a relaxing park you frequent, or a travel destination you have always wanted to visit. Else, in the comforts of your home. Regardless of the place, a professional photographer will take advantage of the location to bring you stunning photographs.

Whether you choose your living room or your favourite city, find a spot with fewer elements. This way, the focus is on you and your baby bump. Yup! This may mean hiding some picture frames from the wall and steering clear of billboards!

  • Wear Your Comfiest Clothes

Deciding on what to wear for your maternity session can be tricky. It just makes sense to consider how far along you are through your pregnancy and the theme and location of your photoshoot. However, these are only secondary, because your comfort always comes first. 

Most pregnant women prefer wearing a loose-fitting and flowy maternity dress or gown because this allows room for better movement. Breathable pieces such as chiffon and lace are excellent choices, too. If these do not hit your style jackpot, you may opt for a form-fitting dress that embraces your curves and accentuate your bump!

When it comes to colours and prints, we recommend opting for pieces with solid colours over those with intricate or trendy patterns. The latter may take the focus from you and may go out of style in time. On the other hand, the former is easier to mix and match. Furthermore, playing with solid colours makes it easier to coordinate outfits with your partner if they will join the session!

  • Play Around With Your Poses

Especially if your current pregnancy is your first one, you will find yourself constantly getting re-acquainted with your body during your pregnancy. Your pre-baby bump poses may not be fitting right now. Hence, why do not experiment with your poses? Doing so will not only make you feel ready and confident for your maternity session. This also makes directing easier for your photographer!

Practice some poses and find the most flattering angles. Some classic and best maternity poses include holding your belly with one or two hands and sunbathing. If your significant other is down for the shoot, it will not hurt to practice with them kissing or holding your belly or hugging you from behind!

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we bring elegant, classic, and timeless maternity photographs. To ensure the success of your session, we tailor our service specifically to your wants and needs. Hence, we discuss posing, lighting, wardrobe, and styling in detail beforehand. For impeccable pregnancy photographs taken in a relaxed yet planned session, you can trust us to deliver!

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