Portrait photographers should know how to get a natural smile from their clients. It may sound like an easy thing but when you’re the one behind the lens, you might think otherwise. That’s why every portrait photographer should know how to teach their clients the best way to smile.

Today, we are going to give you a few tips to let your client learn how to smile naturally in front of the camera while you capture their photos.

How To Smile For Pictures Naturally

If you want to get that nice smile photo, you must not only rely on your skills but also teach your clients how to relax in front of the camera. If you are relaxed, then so are your clients. But aside from that, here are some things you can do so you can capture natural smiles in family portraits.

Close Your Eyes

If your client feels awkward being in front of the camera, tell them to close their eyes for a second. Closing their eyes and relaxing for a few minutes can help them get used to being watched. Once they’re done, they will feel a lot calmer.

Say Something Funny

Saying “cheese” before taking photos is very common. If you want to capture your subject’s natural smile, say something that can make them laugh. You can try saying “money” instead of “cheese” or tell a joke that you know will make them laugh.

Relax Your Jaws and Muscles

Another great way to let out a more natural smile in front of the camera is to relax your facial muscles. When a person is nervous, it will easily show on their face. 

Get A Little Bit Goofy

If you’re still nervous, you can try relaxing your muscles and calming your nerves by going a little crazy during the photoshoot. You can make motorboat sounds by puckering your lips together or shaking your whole body together. You can even do a silly dance or sing a funny song just to ease the tension away from your body.

Think Of Something That Makes You Happy

Many photographers stick to one of the oldest tricks to capture their client’s natural smiles — and that is through helping them think of something that makes them happy. They can think about their family, their lover, their pet, or just anything that makes them feel happier and lighter.

Think About The Person You Like

Aside from thinking about something that makes you happy, you can also start by thinking about the special person who’s closest to your heart. You can imagine your lover or your crush — that will surely bring a beautiful and genuine smile to your lips.

Be Confident

Being confident takes all nervousness and anxiousness away from your body. If you are confident, then you will easily give the most beautiful and natural smile in front of the camera.

Get In The Mood

When you’re nervous and tense, it can easily show on your face. So, if you’re not in the mood, it will reflect in your photos. Before your photoshoot starts or during your photoshoot, you can ask the photographer if you can play some of your favourite songs to set the mood and ease the tension away from your nerves. This will help you give off a more natural vibe.

Just Keep Smiling

If you want to look perfect and happy in your portrait photos, don’t stop smiling. Smiling is contagious and if your family members see your smile, they will surely smile back and you can have the best and most genuine family portrait.

Smiling naturally in front of the camera is important, especially if you’re doing it for your family portraits. That’s why we at A Woman’s Touch Photography, highly encourage portrait photographers to learn how to capture their client’s most natural smiles for better and more wonderful results.

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