What is your style of photography?

Our style of photography is glamorous, fashionable yet classic and natural at the same time.

Who will be there to photograph our wedding?

When you book A Woman's Touch Photography to photograph your wedding, you get access to Brenda and Emma being your exclusive photographers for your special day. Having two photographers at your wedding allows us to capture different moments simultaneously providing more coverage of your wedding.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Depending on the month you’re getting married we are sometimes fully booked more than a year in advance. We limit the number of weddings we photograph so we can give the attention to detail you deserve.

Do you have an updated portfolio I can review with examples of full weddings?

Yes we do. You can find them on our Wedding Galleries page.

Do you travel for weddings outside of Perth?

We certainly do!

When do you meet with us to finalise our wedding details?

We meet with you before your wedding day to get to know you and your story. We finalise all details of the day, customise a timeline and the locations we take you to photograph you and your bridal party. The locations on which we decide will be chosen to compliment your wedding theme.

How much time will you spend with us taking photos after the ceremony?

It is important that you allow quality time for your photography after the ceremony. We need your help in being able to maximise our full potential on your wedding day.

If we are to have any chance of capturing the beauty of your wedding then we need time. In a day, a week or in the years to come, you will not care about the time between the ceremony and the reception. You will appreciate the amazing photography that will last a lifetime.

Do you know any great locations to take photos in Perth?

Yes we do! But we determine locations for your wedding in three different ways:

First, we look at the practicality - what is convenient. What is close to the ceremony and the reception venue because you and your bridal party will not want to be wasting time travelling to different locations. Secondly the beauty of the location – you may like a particular building for example because of the architecture appeals to you. We will always keep those things in mind. And lastly, we always keep in mind the sentiment of your love story. Where you first met... where did you have your first kiss... where did your fiancé propose to you...

Do you offer the digital files in any of your packages?

Yes we do but we are huge believers in - if it’s not printed it’s not a photograph. The best thing to do with your wedding photos is to have them printed.

Despite everything being online in today’s digital world, we still believe in the importance of a physical wedding  album.
Digital photos serve a purpose, but leafing through a wedding album is a more intimate way to reminisce about your day.

We have priced our wedding collections so that you get the best of both! In all our wedding collections you will receive digital and printed photographs of your wedding day.