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Corporate headshot photography is about creating a professional image for yourself or your company to use in promotional materials. Professional headshots should be taken with the highest quality equipment and the best techniques possible. You would not fill out an application without reading it first, so why should you trust your portrait to someone who is just getting started? There are many talented photographers out there, but you want to find one who specializes in headshots and has the facilities, equipment and technical knowledge to produce outstanding results.

A Woman's Touch Photography is a corporate headshot photographer with an in-depth knowledge of headshot photography. We specialize in corporate headshots, executive portraits, employee photos and marketing materials. Our studio is conveniently located in Perth, Australia. We have been photographing headshots for many years, so you can be assured that your portrait will turn out exactly as you wish.

What To Wear For Corporate Headshot?

This is a question that seems so painfully obvious to answer but the reality of it is very rarely self-evident. So let us break down what you need to know about picking out your wardrobe for a professional corporate headshot.

  • Business attire. It need not be anything fancy and probably won't look like the kind of thing you'd see worn on an afternoon talk show either (if that's what you envision). A simple dark suit with a white or blue shirt, conservative tie and polished shoes is all you need.
  • Pants should be hemmed so they break about an inch over your shoe. If it goes beyond that, it will look awkward in photos unless you are very tall or wearing boots/loafers. And do not go too long without ironing! The last thing you want is for your pants to be wrinkled or worn out at a corporate head shot shoot. It makes you look unprofessional and careless.
  • Knee-length skirts paired with simple, polished shoes can also work well in this type of setting. Just avoid anything flashy, anything that's too short (showing more than 1/4 inch above the knee), or anything revealing (sleeveless tops, shirts that don't cover your entire stomach).
  • You do not need to wear a suit! That can be uncomfortable and can even lead itself down the road of "looking like you're interviewing" if you aren't careful. If it's hot outside, wearing a crisp dress shirt and slacks or a simple dark dress can work just as well. You'll probably stand out less, too!
  • What about the colours? Basically, as long as it's not white, you should be fine. In fact, I highly recommend staying away from white unless you want to look like a marshmallow or have some unique way to incorporate it into your wardrobe without looking too plain or drab.
  • Blues, blacks and greys are the best choices here. Sometimes companies will have a specific corporate colour scheme going on, which you can use to your advantage! But be mindful of what you're wearing. Dark browns, reds and oranges won't make a good impression. It's just not what you want to wear when having your picture taken for a professional setting.
  • Shoes need to be polished and well maintained. They don't have to be expensive or designer, but they do need to be clean and provide adequate support. Make sure there isn't too much wear on them before heading out for a shoot.

As a corporate headshots photographer, we will be able to tell if you have not done your homework on proper attire and we will offer suggestions, but it is ultimately your responsibility to look your best. The photo should show what you are expected to represent so look the part!

A Woman’s Touch Corporate Head Shots Photographer

Corporate headshots photography is one of our favourite things to shoot. It's like a mini-portrait session, in which we get to focus on the client's face and expression. These are typically done in an office space or studio with very simple backgrounds. Spending money on a professional corporate head shots photoshoot is a small price to pay for having a great image that your business could be using.

A Woman's Touch Photography provides the absolute best in corporate headshot photography, with a touch of femininity to suit our client’s beauty and personality. We have been specializing in corporate headshots Perth for years and we use only the finest digital SLR cameras.

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Precious moments to enjoy for years to come…

At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we create a high-quality experience for you and your guests, and by getting to know you, we can personalize your photoshoot to showcase your style and vision.

You’ll get more than just simple poses and common shots. There’s confidence in feeling beautiful, and we know how to make that feeling real. We will capture your amazing day and true personality in the perfect keepsake, so you can treasure your important day for years to come.


Mother and daughter team Brenda and Emma have been recording magical moments for more than 30 years and have the experience to ensure your wedding photos are simply stunning.  Whether it’s suggesting the most flattering poses and locations, handling a large wedding party or coaxing camera-shy flower girls and page boys, Brenda and Emma will be in the right place at the right time.


Brenda and Emma, words cannot express how grateful both Ryan and I are for all the amazing work you put into making our photos so perfect. It was so special having you both with us … We are beyond happy with our images. Thank you thank you thank you xxx

– Ryan & Teeghan


Our prices include affordable photography packages for your Perth wedding. When you book with us, you get access to two professional photographers. We are the only mother and daughter team in Perth who works together simultaneously to capture stylish and timeless photos to tell your wedding story.


Our style of photography is glamorous, fashionable yet classic and natural at the same time.

Depending on the month you’re getting married we are sometimes fully booked more than a year in advance. We limit the number of weddings we photograph so we can give the attention to detail you deserve.

When you book A Woman’s Touch Photography to photograph your wedding, you get access to Brenda and Emma being your exclusive photographers for your special day. Having two photographers at your wedding allows us to capture different moments simultaneously providing more coverage of your wedding.

Yes we do. You can find them on our Wedding Galleries page.

We meet with you before your wedding day to get to know you and your story. We finalise all details of the day, customise a timeline and the locations we take you to photograph you and your bridal party. The locations on which we decide will be chosen to compliment your wedding theme.