Cake Smash Photography Perth

Cake smash photography is one of the most popular types of photography during a baby's first birthday. Our cake smash photographer takes the photograph of your child as they smash or play with their birthday cake - usually right after it has been brought to them for an official first birthday cake cutting.

Although the photographs are designed to be fun, they also apply to a larger concept of personal milestones and how we mark them as people. Getting older is a major milestone, which is celebrated by having birthdays. It is important for us to establish that we wanted your child's year one cake smash photos to look and feel like an actual birthday party, instead of just "smash cake photography”.

Smash Cake Photography Ideas

Smashing a big cake into pieces, trying to get as much of it on their own face or shirt as they can, is a great way for kids to have fun and enjoy the attention at the same time. If you're not already convinced that cakesmash photography is worth trying out for your child's birthday party, these cake smash Perth ideas should help.

#1. Messy cakes to smash into can be bought from any shop that sells party supplies. There is also a huge variety of themed smash cake available which makes them more fun and appropriate choice for a baby's birthday party.

#2. One of the most popular cake smash photo ideas is to get the child into a bright coloured shirt, preferably with one of his or her favourite cartoon characters on it. This way you get great pictures, which capture how much fun your kid had at his or her own birthday party.

#3. Getting the cake all over the child's good clothes can be a challenge, but there are ways to work around this issue. For example, you could try smearing some cream on their faces before letting them go wild in front of the camera.

#4. Another way to minimize the mess is to use a baby pool filled with cream. This way, your kid can play around and get really dirty, but the mess stays contained. The cream is also much easier to clean than smashed cake pieces.

#5. If you don't like the idea of messy cream, there is always chocolate powder. This stuff is dirtier than the usual creams, but it's still way easier to clean up after. Just go for darker clothes with this one, to make the chocolate stains less noticeable.

#6. There are also some really fun edible goodies that you can use instead of plain cakes. One great idea is to get your kids into the bathtub filled with coloured balls. Little kids love playing with balls and this idea is a great one to capture unforgettable memories.

#7. Another fun alternative is to use different flavoured fruit juices as the smashing material. It makes the moment more interesting for your toddler because he or she can try out several tastes instead of just one. It's also a great idea because it's a bit messier and more intense, but not too difficult to clean up after.

#8. If you're going for a really special picture that can be the cover of your kid's photo album, consider using some colourful crepe paper instead. It's a lot more interesting than plain cake and it's easy to clean because the crepe paper comes off easily.

#9. If you want to make things even more fun for your kid, you can encourage him or her to paint whatever he or she wishes onto the smeared surface of the cake. It doesn't have to be anything specific; your kid can draw anything he or she wants to.

#10. For a more serious picture that sums up this event, you can ask your kid to look at the camera and smile while he or she starts smashing the cake. This is a very powerful image that basically says 'happy birthday' in just one photo.

Kids' birthday parties with smash cakes Perth seem to be the perfect opportunity to capture some really memorable shots that can be cherished forever and cake smash photography Perth is indeed worth it!

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We at A Woman’s Touch Photography don't just do a plain cake smash photoshoot session. We are all about the artistic smash cake photos of your son or daughter smearing their first birthday cake smash all over their face, hands, and clothes!

One-year-olds have so much personality packed into little bodies that they can't yet express in other ways. To us, it is fascinating to watch them play with the icing, put their fingers into it, try to eat it, and feel like they are "making a cake" with their hands. It is absolutely priceless!

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