Capturing your moments on your wedding day is the secret to having the most beautiful wedding photos. And these moments are not just any other moments, these are the most wonderful and candid photoshoots that your wedding photographer should be able to capture.

Weddings are different for every couple, that’s why it’s important to discuss this with your photographer beforehand so they will know when to be in the right place at the right time.

Here is a shortlist of the best moments your wedding photographer should capture during your wedding day.

Bridesmaids Assisting The Bride

It’s very common for bridesmaids to assist the bride while she is dressing. But even though this is a common thing, it’s still one of the most precious moments that a photographer should capture.

This moment will show how the bride has the full support of her bridesmaids even during her wedding. It shows the genuine bond and friendship between the bride and her bridesmaids.

First Look Wedding Photos

First looks happen when the groom and bride will see each other privately for the first time before they exchange their vows in front of the crowd.

This is usually a very intimate and private moment that should happen away from the eyes of family members and other guests.

First look photos can show the genuine surprise, adoration, and love the couple has for each other before they turn the next chapters of their lives together as a family.

Giving Away The Bride

No matter your culture or ethnicity, you will often see that special moment between the father of the bride and his daughter, as he walks her down the aisle to her husband-to-be.

This is often the traditional way of passing on a parent’s care of their daughter to her husband.

A photographer needs to be ready to capture this very precious and important moment as it can only happen once in their lifetime.

First Kiss

A bride and a groom’s first kiss during the wedding ceremony has always been a sealing symbol of faith and love that the couple now share.

It also signifies the end of the ceremony and that a new chapter of their lives has been finally unlocked and your photographer should also be prepared to capture this moment.

Wedding Party Photos

Weddings aren’t complete without wedding parties. And a wedding photoshoot can never be complete without wedding party photos.

Wedding party photos show the celebration and amount of happiness everyone is feeling for the newlyweds.

It’s important to have everyone included in the photo so they will have something to look back on in the years to come.

Bouquet Toss

Another memorable event that should be captured during a wedding is bouquet tossing.

Your wedding photographer should be able to capture this priceless moment where everyone’s hands are raised, trying to grab the bouquet to see who’s going to get married next.

Symbols Of Faith

No matter what your religion, there is always a wedding ceremony tradition that symbolises the couple’s faith in their god.

There are different wedding ceremony traditions for each religion. So make sure that your photographer is aware of when this moment will happen so they can capture it for you.

Family Moments

Your wedding is also a very important event for your family as it is to you.

Make sure to hire a photographer that knows how to capture the best family moments before and after the wedding ceremony. This will help them capture the most genuine smiles and tears that family members pour out for the bride and groom.

There are different moments during a wedding ceremony that should be captured by a photographer. That’s why finding the perfect photographer to capture these wonderful moments for you is very important. At A Woman’s Touch Photography, we have photographers who have the right skills to be in the right place at the right time so they can capture the most memorable moments during your wedding day.

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